NPQ and society

NPQ believes in socially responsible business practices. We strive to use sustainable methods to achieve excellent results, which forms the basis for continuity in the long term. Structural economic benefits are only possible when appropriate attention is given to social and ecological aspects.

Sharing knowledge

Investing in the future is part of NPQ’s strategic policies. Encouraging developments in our field is a key activity in our organization. We do this by taking an active part in different trade and industry associations.

In addition, NPQ invests in people. We share knowledge with students in our field by providing guest lectures and offering internships and graduation projects. We also support various student initiatives.

NPQ continually invests in its staff. A key value in our personnel policies is staff development and career growth. This gives a boost to the working environment and to loyalty. On the one hand, it motives our staff, and on the other, it provides opportunities to new labor market entrants.


Responsibly handling environmental matters is a matter of course at NPQ. Our approach is twofold. All employees are actively aware of environmental issues in and around the workplace. NPQ provides the means so that its staff can work in an environmentally conscious manner.

The supply side is another approach. As a software supplier in the facility sector, NPQ offers a range of solutions that better enable customers to operate in a sustainable manner. Concrete examples are the reduction of CO2 emissions and the monitoring of energy consumption.


Each year, NPQ provides support for a social endeavor. In 2012, NPQ contributed to the project A Sister’s Hope.  In 2013, the key event was Alpe d’HuZes. By sponsoring different participants working on this challenge, NPQ provides a contribution to the fight against cancer.

For NPQ, corporate and social responsibility is a purposeful and continuous activity. In addition to the above matters, we continuously work to develop new initiatives that contribute to our organizational goals.