NPQ Solutions’ field of operations

Since 1988, NPQ Solutions has collaborated with clients in various sectors: government, educational institutions, healthcare organizations, business services, and non-profit organizations. CAFM software provides added value to large enterprises, multinationals, and small to medium sized businesses.

When do you opt for a CAFM?

Consider the ambitions of your company and your facility management. Plans for the future may lead to the choice of implementing CAFM software.

  • Relocation, new construction, and renovation
  • Outsourcing, implementing facility management
  • Merging of support services, e.g. in a Shared Service Center
  • Implementing Self-Service and/or The New Way of Working

In addition, optimizing of your current processes may be a very good reason to introduce CAFM software.

We will be more than happy to assist you in preparing a business case to determine whether CAFM software is profitable for you. We can also concretize the added values for your organization.