CAFM advice and services

The success of a CAFM is coupled with the enthusiasm of the users. The correct choices, proper installation, and well-thought-out implementation is what motivates users. And this is how a CAFM brings added value.

CAFM Selection

If you want advice during the selection process then you’ve also come to the right place. Our professional and experienced people are pleased to assist you. For example, we can assist you in preparing a Schedule of Requirements and an Action Plan. Or to formulate realistic objectives.


NPQ is committed to engaging in a first-class collaboration before, during, and after a CAFM is installed. For example, we have a support department that is ready to provide expert assistance to our clients. In addition, we work with you on how your organization will continue to dovetail with developments on the Self-Service and Management front. The dynamics of mergers, relocations, and reorganizations demand a great deal from a facilities organization. Here too, you can also count on NPQ for appropriate advice.